Real-estate heir Robert Durst could mount an insanity defense when he returns to Texas to face charges of beheading and chopping up his elderly next-door neighbor, a top forensic psychologist says.

Dr. N.B. Berrill told The Post he believes Durst, 58 – who is expected to waive extradition to the Lone Star State today at a hearing in Pennsylvania – was “coming apart at the seams.”

Berrill, who teaches forensic psychology at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, gave these reasons:

  • Durst used “poor disguises” – fooling no one when he donned a wig and pretended to be a woman to rent apartments in Galveston and New Orleans.

  • He allegedly left “a sloppy crime scene” in Galveston – blood was found in his apartment and in that of his victim, 71-year-old Morris Black.

  • Durst showed regressive behavior in spending his last two weeks on the lam in Bethlehem, Pa., where he attended college and where he was nabbed for trying to shoplift a $5.99 sandwich.



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