Millionaire in jail on parole violation

Texas millionaire Robert Durst, acquitted of a murder in the death of his neighbor four years ago, is in a Houston jail on parole violation.

Authorities said Durst had violated parole by visiting the house in nearby Galveston where he was accused of cutting up the body of Morris Black. Durst was acquitted of murder but was on parole for jumping bail and tampering with evidence in Black’s death, reports the Houston Chronicle.

A woman, who lives next to the Galveston house, told police she saw Durst Friday standing outside his former residence.

“She said he was just standing there, staring at the house,” a police sergeant said. The woman, who had testified at Durst’s trial, was upset and concerned for her safety, he said.

A jury acquitted Durst in 2003 in the death of 71-year-old Black, after Durst claimed Black died from a bullet in the head as the two struggled over a pistol. Durst testified he panicked after the death, cut up Black’s body and tossed the parts into Galveston Bay.


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