Millionaire heir Robert Durst recently visited the area where he dumped his dead neighbor’s dismembered body, but did not violate his parole by doing so.

Durst was in Galveston last week for the wedding of one of the attorneys who worked on his case. He was also spotted near the gulf shore, where the remains of Morris Black were discovered on Sept. 30, 2001.

Police and prosecutors in Galveston reported Durst’s isle visit to state parole officials.

Durst was acquitted in November 2003 of murder charges related to Black’s death. Durst said he accidentally shot Black as they struggled for a gun in Durst’s apartment.

He said he panicked, cut up the body and dumped the pieces in Galveston Bay. Everything was recovered except the head.

Durst pleaded guilty in 2004 to state charges of evidence tampering and bond-jumping and accepted a five-year sentence.

After an eight-month stint in a Pennsylvania federal prison on weapons charges, Durst returned to Texas, where he was paroled on the state charges.

Durst’s parole officer, S. Turner, told The Galveston County Daily News that Durst can go anywhere in the state for the duration of his term.

Initially, Durst was placed on a parole that called for him to wear an electronic-monitoring ankle bracelet and get permission for any deviation from his daily routine.



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