‘My brother Robert Durst would kill me if he could’: Brother of real estate scion linked to three murders reveals he was sacked from firm for urinating in waste paper basket

  • Douglas Durst, the wealthy chairman of a multibillion-dollar family empire the Durst Organization fears his brother Robert Durst will try to kill him
  • Robert Durst was booted from his family’s company because he peed in his uncle’s waste bin 
  • In July of 2014 Robert Durst was arrested on peeing over $100 worth of candy in a Houston drugstore 
  • ‘The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst,’ a six part documentary on accused murderer Robert Durst will air on Sunday
  • Robert Durst has been charged with murder three times in the past 30 years but has never once been convicted
  • Robert admitted to killing and dismembering his neighbor Morris Black in Galveson, Texas in 2001 while he posed as a deaf mute woman


What does Douglas Durst, the wealthy chairman of a multibillion-dollar family empire the Durst Organization fear most?

His own potentially psychopathic brother, revealed the New York real estate heir. Douglas Durst claims that Robert Durst would kill him if he had the chance.

Robert Durst has been charged with murder once and has been linked to two other murders over the past 30 years but has never once been convicted.

‘Given the opportunity, he would kill me, yes,’ Douglas Durst told the New York Post.

‘If that makes me a pussy, then I’m a pussy,’ he said in a rare personal interview.

In the ‘The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst,’ a six part documentary to air on HBO on Sunday created by Andrew Jarecki, Robert Durst calls his brother Douglas a pussy for hiring a body guard.

Jarecki told a Hollywood version of Durst’s story in the 2010 film that starred Ryan Gosling, ‘All Good Things.’ A week before the film’s release, Durst called and said he wanted to see it. Apparently impressed, Durst agreed to be interviewed about his life by Jarecki and partner Marc Smerling.

Robert also claims in the documentary that he believes his brother was unfairly made the head of the family’s real estate empire in 1994 because he was the ‘favorite brother.’

Douglas told The New York Post hat his brother Robert was employed with the family company but lost his job when he peed in his uncle’s wastebasket.

‘I came back from vacation and I was putting my hand into the wastepaper basket and it was covered by liquid. It was urine,’ said Douglas.

‘It was I who asked the staff, and they said my brother did it frequently. When he urinated into my uncle’s basket they [company officials] took action.’

In July of 2014 Robert Durst was arrested for urinating over over $100 worth of candy at the register in a Houston drugstore.

Robert Durst has been accused of far worse things than peeing in a waste basket and in a pharmacy, however.

Robert was accused of killing his first wife Kathleen McCormack and her friend Susan Berman.

Kathleen disappeared in 1982 and the case remained unsolved for 18 years.

In December 2000, Kathleen’s friend Susan Berman thought to have knowledge about Kathleen’s disappearance was found murdered execution style in her California house.

Robert admitted to killing and dismembering his neighbor Morris Black in Galveson, Texas in 2001 while he posed as a deaf mute woman.

In September 2001, remnants of the body of Morris Black – Dust’s next-door neighbour from the boarding house he was living in at the time, were found floating in the Galveston Bay in Galveston, Texas.

A trail of blood led police back to Dust’s apartment, which was actually rented to a reportedly odd and mute woman, named Dorothy Ciner.

The big surprise? Ciner was just Durst in a dress.

Durst had gone into hiding for years, partially to escape the increasing inquiries about the death of his wife.

After spending about a month on the run, Durst attempted to steal a chicken salad sandwich and a single a Band-Aid from a supermarket in Philadelphia, and was subsequently arrested.

He was described as wearing a brown wig and a fake blond mustache.

Amazingly, Durst was acquitted in 2003 for the murder, using a self-defense plea, and a charge of ‘tampering with evidence’ over the disposal of the body.

He was sentenced to five years behind bars but served only one.

In the documentary, the accused murderer and rumored psychopath Robert Durst details his difficult childhood.

He said his father Seymour was cold and distant and that he was seven-years-old his father brought him to the window of their home to have him wave at ‘mommy in her nightie’ who was standing on a roof as later plunged to her death.

Douglas told The New York Post that what his Robert said about their father was false.

‘What he says is untrue,’ said Douglas.

‘My father loved him. Actually, he was my father’s favorite. He has no relationship to either the truth or emotions.’

Douglas claims that Robert was not at the family house when their mother died but he was at a neighbor’s house with him and two other siblings.

Douglas told the Post that his mother suffered from emphysema and that medication she took made her unaware of her surroundings.

It’s unknown as to whether she fell off the roof or jumped accidentally.

Douglas says he has only seen snippets of the documentary and doesn’t approve of filmmakers giving his brother a ‘megaphone’

In 2006 other Durst family members paid Robert $65 million to relinquish claims to the family fortune.

Robert has allegedly threatened his brother Douglas on numerous occasions, reports The Post.

In 2003 Robert drove his car into the driveway of Douglas’ Westchester house where he sat with two guns and he later drove off.

In 2008 he returned wearing a ski mask.

Relatives have 13 orders of protection against Robert and he was acquitted in a number of trespassing charges.

The poisonous relationship between Robert Durst and his younger brother, Douglas, plays out both in the film and in its offscreen preparations.

Jarecki said he tried multiple times to interview Douglas for ‘The Jinx,’ but was turned down. Through his lawyer, Charles Moerdler, Douglas wouldn’t talk with The Associated Press.

In an interview that ran in The New York Times on Jan. 1, Douglas Durst said he was concerned the film gives his brother ‘a megaphone to spout his lies and his distortions about my father, about his relationship to the family and about the family’s history.’

Moerdler said Douglas wouldn’t be interviewed for the film because Jarecki would not show him his work in advance. The lawyer said he believes that Jarecki drew from deposition material that was supposed to be kept confidential; Jarecki said there’s nothing in the film he and HBO could not support legally.

‘As much as Doug Durst would like people to think we’re making a propaganda piece, I think the reason that he’s upset is because we’re not,’ he said.

Durst’s tale begins unspooling Sunday (8 p.m. EST) on HBO and continues for five more weekly episodes. More than a murder mystery, the absorbing series reveals a strange but smart man who’s long feuded with his wealthy family.

‘The story is so operatic,’ Jarecki said.

‘That’s what’s so fascinating to me — seeing someone who is born to such privilege and years later is living in a $300-a-month rooming house in Galveston, Texas, disguised as a mute woman.’



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