This let­ter was ad­dressed to Times Hou­s­ton bur­eau chief Molly Hen­nessy-Fiske and has a re­turn ad­dress for Robert Durst at a Louisi­ana cor­rec­tion­al fa­cil­ity. (Note: The top sen­tence of the let­ter reads “Hiya Holly”)

Here’s a text version:

Hiya Holly,

I used to read your byline, from 2008- 2011. I lived part-time in L.A., I had a great apt in 1100 Alta Loma and I had bought an apt complex on Lynhurst (?). Sareb Kauffman was my broker. I loved watching the traffic come up La Cienga and mush into Santa Monica, hated L.A. traffic, which makes Houston seem like a small town. I used to breakfast at Coffee Whatever on Sunset.

My interests are Opera and pro-football. Your Politicos and business leaders have chosen to fight rather than agree to disagree and there was no football. Liked L.A. Opera except for Wagner’s ring cycle with the absurd costumes and sloped stage, a true example of Hollywood gone berserk.

As my minor balance prob. expanded into full-blown Hydrocephalus, requiring a shunt, I knew that if I was going to let some guy drill into my head, there was no place I would be willing to go ahead other than the Houston Medical Center, and left L.A.

I have said nothing about charges, crimes or trials. If you decide to use any of this, which is ok, please make the above clear. I am sure you know what your abilities are to visit me when I get to L.A., which is, if any of this gets published, please copy me.



Here is the actual letter:

screen shot 2015-04-09 at 2.39.33 pm.png screen shot 2015-04-09 at 2.41.23 pm.png

(LA Times)


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