A New York woman who mailed Robert Durst $117,000 in cash shortly before his March arrest in New Orleans said she is just a close friend of the suspected killer, the Advocate reports.

Susan Giordano shipped a box of cash to Durst at a New Orleans hotel just days before FBI agents took him into custody, the report states, citing information in a search warrant.

The warrant also states a New York FBI agent said Giordano was “romantically linked to Durst,” but Giordano says she is just a friend.

“We were just good friends. We still are,” she told the Advocate. “I don’t know where they got that. We’ve been friends for decades. Like I said, we’re just really close friends.”

FBI agents took boxes of Durst’s papers from Giordano’s house in March. Giordano said she was interviewed by the makers of an HBO documentary on Durst, “The Jinx,” but didn’t make the final cut. Durst is married, but has never lived with, New York real estate broker Deborah Lee Charatan.

Durst was arrested on state weapons charges after the FBI found a pistol, marijuana and cash in Durst’s room at the J.W. Marriott hotel on Canal Street. Those charges have since been dropped, though he still faces a federal gun charges related to the search.

Durst also faces murder charges in California in connection with the death of another close friend, Susan Berman.



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