“It seemed to me the big problem was Robert Durst. I wanted to not be Robert Durst.”
“I wanted to get away from this Jeanine Pirro lady, who was making me feel scared again.”
“She was going to use a new investigation of Robert Durst to further her career.”
“I hated that wig.”
“After I realized Morris Black was dead, I should have called the police.”
“It was like waking up from a dream, or a nightmare, with blood everywhere. I remember blood everywhere. I remember like I was looking down on something and I was swimming in blood …I don’t know what is real, and I don’t know what is not real. That is what I remember.”
“I was concerned that Morris was going to shoot the gun, most likely at my face.”
“Morris was shot in the face with my gun in my apartment, and I rented this apartment dressed as a woman. I just didn’t think they would believe me.”

“Did you just say murder? Did I let you get away with that? I’m not supposed to let you get away with that. Morris Black was not murdered.”
“I cleaned it up as well as I could. I threw water everywhere with Mr. Clean. I did not see any blood when I was finished cleaning up.”
“I have not told any lies while I have been in this room.”

Durst: “He died struggling for the gun. I did not kill him.”

Prosecutor: “He was killed, was he not?”

Durst: “I like ‘died’ better.”




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