Bobbi Bacha


Bobbi Bacha is a Texas Private Investigator portrayed in 2004 TV Sony Pictures Movie Suburban Madness played by actress Sela Ward. Bobbi Bacha also was involved and worked on the case of New York millionaire Robert Durst who was charged with murder in Galveston, Texas for killing his neighbor Morris Black but was found not guilty by a Galveston County Jury.



“I believe Robert Durst is your modern-day Hannibal Lecter.

Because he has the money, the means and the know-how to do things.

And he’s got a taste for blood. But i also think that his insanity is somewhat like Norman Bates.

So if you think of Norman Bates – he talks to himself, he talks like he is his mother – Robert Durst is a combination of the two.

Which to me, makes him very dangerous.

That makes him very dangerous.

And I think they’re going to find that he is one of the TOP serial killers that the world has ever known.

Because my research shows SO many – tons of different identities – he was even caught in New Orleans under the new identity of “Everett Ward” when they arrested him – I think that is a deceased person that he used the identity from.

So WHY did this many have to have a new identity every month, or every week?

Why did he hang out at homeless shelters?

i believe he’s crazy like a fox. I think he’s a serial killer.

And he’s good at it.

That’s why he steals sandwiches.

I was able to place Robert Durst in California on both the missing girl’s timelines of thier disappearances, and the reason them police are having trouble identifying the killer is when Robert Durst takes on an identity – he uses disguises, a latex mask, he changes his looks, he has lots of money – who is going to question somebody who rents a room in cash? They will never know who this person is.

Even if they trace the murder back to the person at the hotel – they will never know who that person was.

Robert Durst’s dogs, he had several dogs named Igor, they were all suspiciously tortured and died in strange ways – like having a corncob stuck down its throat, so it slowly choked to death… I believe Robert Durst was killing and torturing his dogs. A spire sign of a serial killer.

And every dog had the name Igor.

So I’d say he’s way up there on the crazy list.”

“I’ve always been told that there is a fine line between genius and crazy and I think Durst walks that line he is a savvy businessman and if you’ve ever heard the song dear prudence by the Beatles who they were all smitten by… Well Durst actually dated Prudence.. One one hand yes the New York police were mislead into doing the investigation only in Manhattan and overlooked …westchester who gets it 15 years later gets it too,late then Los angles mis handles the letter and writing match up evidence and finally Galveston whom I believe did a terrific job in gathering and logging the evidence the investigator Cody Gazales blows the case in court. So yes the police have made mistakes, but your dealing with a man that has clever hide in plain sight disguises and has all the money in the world and has taken in many identities.. He can buy his way with money and yes the best attorneys … But don’t think he is not clever, he is very clever he acts passive but he is a killer none the less. He killed because of greed and control and killed all who knew to shut them up.”

“I discovered didn’t match with what Robert attested to in court.

Basically, what I was finding out was that he did most likely actually know Morris Black.

According to Harry Black (which was one of the brothers to Morris), he had told his widow that they knew each other, that they the Black brothers knew Durst very well.

According to what Harry Black was reporting, they met Durst at a Durst organization farm – Douglas Durst invested in one of the largest farms in North America. It’s an organic farm. It’s huge. And the Black brothers claimed to be working at the farm. And that’s how they met, how the Black brothers Morris & Harry, first met met Robert Durst.

Robert and his brother were both into organic stuff. Douglas Durst was totally into organic farming, Robert was into organic everything else, like health food & stuff. And that was in the movie, ALL GOOD THINGS, because that was the name of Robert & Kathie Durt’s shop when they got married – all organic things. All Good Things

We believe it was eventually Douglas Durst’s farm, or a farm he was looking to and eventually invested in. He invested in one of the largest organic farms in the early to mid 80’s. It’s about 500 acres, and it’s called McEnroe Farms. And Douglas Durst invested in it – I think he might be the chairman of it also. But Douglas Durst and the owner of the farm are very close friends and business partners. The story goes back & forth on when it actually started, but the original owner of the farm claims that Durst invested in the early 80s in some articles I’ve read, just after aka they Durst its sales red. which would make sense, Doug’s a friend of his in some relationship in farming checking things out first ). Now, it is the largest organic farm in North America.

So that’s possibly where Robert met Harry & Morris. Because the stories are back and forth on when this farm actually started – mid-80’s, late-80’s – the farm was actually THERE already but the actual investment from Durst’s organization was actually early 80’s at that time the land size increased.

The McEnroe story on their website has it late 80’s.

So this would be the only “Durst Organization Farm” that I could think of concerning the Black brothers story.

So they met, and according to what Harry’s widow said, that when the two Black brothers (who were ex Merchant Marines) began working at a construction company FOR Robert Durst. But she said it was willy-nilly – there was no name, no actual work site they’d go to, just money coming in.

Basically, after that, oddly the brothers (who had no money – they were raised in a very very poor family – they would do ANYTHING for money) after they met with Durst, after Kathie disappeared, suddenly both the brothers had lots & lots of money.

Harry Black and some of his investment accounts, which I had copies of, had almost $90K or more, Morris Black had almost equal amounts.

When Morris died, Harry said that “bury Morse with his money, he’s got money” and they’d been estranged since Kathie disappeared. So it was odd, how would he know that his brother had so much money?

So the discrepancies were that first of all:
•Durst does not get along with others. He doesn’t make friends. Neither did Morris Black. So the story of Durst coming down dress in very bad drag, making friends with this cantankerous old man that nobody in Galveston wanted to be around – the odds of that are zero. Because Durst does not make friends. Morris was not making friends.

I believe that Durst went to kill Susan Berman because she knew something about the Kathie Dursts murder. And then he went to Galveston to kill Morris Black because he helped cover up the murder somehow for Robert Durst.

And I believe the next person on the black was Harry Black. When I located Harry Black, he said he shit his pants because he thought nobody could ever find him.

He was in hiding.

Harry Black lived a mysterious life himself and He told me, he said “You’re so good at finding people they need to drop you in Afghanistan to find Osama Bin Laden.”

So I found Harry Black almost immediately after the murder in 2001 – and Harry wanted me to find Out the truth. He was in a predicament. Since He apparently already knew about the murder, he knew about Robert Durst, and he knew about all the connections, but yet, he wasn’t sure if Durst’s high powered attorneys could get Durst out of jail. And Harry didn’t want to say a word more to me until that happened. He was afraid, living off the grid his real name was Meyer yet he used a common name of Harry.Even though I believe Harry was probably doing the same things his brother Morris was doing for a living – whatever those were – to make lots of money, because they never had any real listed job.

Think of it. He’s got to live, he has some family members, even though he’s hiding, living off the grid in Florida, he didn’t want to be found – he wasn’t using his real name – he’s in a predicament.

Here’s a guy on the loose Robert Durst, who’s possibly going to kill him – Harry WAS harder to find than Morris, and Robert did have access to LexisNexis – which is a expensive people research tool… so basically, I believe Robert Durst lied about knowing Morris Black. I believe Robert Durst knew Morris Black quite well.

And Durst basically said on THE JINX that his attorney said “hey, whatever works, just go with that story.” Almost like what ever you make up that sounds like a believable story just say it and we will,go with it.

That’s not exactly the wording, but that’s what they meant – basically it’s not lying, if it works. What’s a workable, plausible explanation that people could believe …. remember, the only persons who knew the facts in that room were Morris Black, who’s dead, and Durst. So Durst can say ANYTHING. And the truth will never be known.

So whatever works, I guess? They made up a nice plausible scenario. Just like they made up the scenario that the “boogeyman” Jeanine Piro was after him. She wasn’t after him at all. Her department investigator Joe Besserra – not her – was looking into investigating the missing case of Kathie Durst.

Jeanine didn’t even announce that she was looking into Durst until AFTER Morris had died.

So how could she be the boogeyman? She wasn’t even in the scenario until after Morris was dead.

So the attorneys used this to paint a incorrect picture. And there was no head found on Morris Black – and gee, there’s no head found…believe what Durst says..”

“Durst was acquitted in Galveston for the one murder of Morris Black.

The head juror, Chris Lovell, basically saw that Durst was a very, very rich man, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist for a juror to see benefits of famous trials these days.

Basically all the jurors have to see is that the dependent is very wealthy, then they realize that they are holding his “get out of jail free” card – Chris Lovell, the head juror that went on TV, bragging that he convinced the other jurors to get him off the charges because there was no head, then next I found out that Chris Lovell was visiting Robert Durst in jail after he got acquitted visiting with his ENTIRE FAMILY.

And later Chris became a good buddy to Durst, So Chris even went on THE JINX – he’s the one who says “He wasn’t guilty. Durst would never do this.”

And Robert was probably able to kill a lot more people because Chris let him get him out.

Chris was the head juror.

Anyway, I think Robert Durst is BOTH. I think he is very intelligent and cunning. I also think he is a VERY disturbed wealthy man.”

“I’ve been working on this case for 15 years.

And I’m the investigator that was asked by Galveston Daily News, because the Galveston PD did not have the resources to do the background on Morris Black. All they had was the finger prints matched, and his old criminal record from an apartment complex where he was being cantankerous, so that’s all they knew about him.

Durst took EVERYTHING out of the apartment, and threw away all the evidence of his entire existence.

So no one knew WHY Durst, this billionaire, would come to Galveston dressed in bad drag, to murder and chop up his neighbor.

So that’s been the whole question – WHY? Would this billionaire dress up as a deaf-mute woman in really bad drag (and he had the money to become drag queen of the century if he wanted to)… Yet, live in a run-down apartment duplex, and kill his neighbor? And not just kill him, but chop him up into little pieces but dump him in the bay? And buy all the instruments to do it, say he was “Swimming in blood” on the stand, but then say that he went and cleaned himself up and had a caesar salad at the Grand San Luis Hotel where he was staying under his real name?

So I’ve been working on this case for 15 years, and I’ve been an investigator that did the timelines on Morris Black, all his family members (they all turned out to be adopted or raised in foster homes, because the Black family were very poor, mentally ill parents and brother, and the kids that lived at home were very abused by the parents, and Harry & Morris went into the Merchant Marines, when they got out, they had no money, the next thing we know they are working on a Durst farm)… so how did 2 guys with no money have suddenly ALL this money and they’re hiding?

I’ve been working this case, it’s well-known, and I’ve done every talk show on this – 48 Hours, DISCOVERY -I’ve been on tons of documentaries… about the Robert Durst case from the very beginning. And I’ve also helped develop a lot of interesting leads in the case.

And I found most of Robert Durst’s different identities. I have pages and pages. The sad thing is that you never know for sure unless he’s nabbed by the police – you don’t know for sure until he’s nabbed under “Diane Winne” – ever since Kathie Durst went missing. You have to ask yourself the question: why would Robert Durst use so many different names, in so many different addresses, in so many homeless shelters?

Because he IS a serial killer. He is a predator of humans. This is what makes him happy.

Why was he stealing a sandwich when he was on the run for murder? He had thousands in his car.

Because that’s his biggest thrill in life. Get away with everything. Murder, theft, lying to people. He is a total sociopath. I think this is what he is, as he has all the money in the world. He doesn’t need to make money. He wakes up in the morning and decides how to kill, steal or harm people. Because that’s the only thing that makes him happy.

He has a black hole in his heart.”

“I believe that Robert Durst entire existence is to wake up and find a way to steal, lie, impersonate, kill and harm others ….everyone in his life even those that loved him and covered up for him, made excuses for him… Have all been burned by him. They learned first hand that he will never drop playing these games and even after a non conviction of murder he still must flaunt his escape from the consequences on tv ….why ? Because he lives to get away with bad behavior and to escape his crimes. I think he is enjoying thes pot light like a Drug and I believe that he thinks he can buy his way out once again. His killing, lies, stealing sandwiches, pissing on children’s candy at cvs… He likes getting away with it and he can and that is the drug he craves most.

I think the Louisiana charges will stick.. But I’m not certain about Los Angeles unless they have recovered more evidence.”